Tagline – Bench to Bedside to Community to Policy

i) Training Philosophy

The philosophy of the training program recognizes;

First, the importance of strong multidisciplinary partnerships to scientific discovery. This is particularly true in resource-constrained settings where efficiency and productivity are critical to achieving timely advances that can improve individual and public health.

Second, we recognize the importance of high-quality, practical research experiences which require strong mentorship, well-resourced infrastructure to support research, and well-articulated research questions that advance a specific scientific agenda.

Third, we recognize the importance of excellent grounding in the content area and methods of research, through strong coursework.

Finally, we believe that longitudinal, multidisciplinary career mentoring is an essential complement to these other elements in order to provide the trainee with the vision and other intangible strategic skills to advance a scientific agenda.

ii) Training Goals

The goals of the training program are to support trainees in their pursuit of degrees; to mentor them to successful presentation and publication of research findings in the peer-reviewed literature; and to prepare them for high-impact careers as key contributors to multidisciplinary research teams in translational research related to TB and other pulmonary complications of HIV/AIDS.

iii) Translational Research

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